Star Ride



School Bus Logo

The prominent logo helps other drivers identify the school bus from afar and drive carefully around it.



The bright luminescent ‘STOP’ sign on the doors acts as a caution to other drivers while the children board or alight from the bus.


Fire Retardent Material

Split Louver for each passenger.


Guarded Driver

The tubular guardrail separates the driver’s cabin from the passenger area, thereby preventing driver distraction.



Stylish hatracks for storing passenger luggage.


Fire Extinguisher

Every Star Ride bus is provided with a 5kg fire extinguisher, to tackle any emergency.

Technical Specifications


Galvanized Tubular Structure (As per IS: 4923)

Exterior Paneling:

GPSP (As per I5:513/ IS:277)

Front & Rear Fascia:

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (Fire Retardant Grade)

Body Insulation:

Thermocol Insulation (Density 14±1 kg/m3)

Wiping System:

Heavy Duty Parallel Scraping Wipers

  1. PVC Coated Sheets Roof Paneling
  2. PVC Coated Sheets Side Paneling
  3. 12mm Marine Plywood (Fire Retardant) with Anti Skid Vinyl
  4. Mechanically Operated Ventialtor
  5. Full Partition With Flap Door
  6. Powder Coated Pipe Hatrack / PVC Grill Type Hatrack
Inner Lumination:

LED Top Lamps & Step Lamp

Windsheilds & Windows:
  1. EPDM Moulded Ring Laminated Glass (As per IS:2553)
  2. EPDM Moulded Ring Toughened Glass (As per 15:2553)
  3. Clear Sliding Glasses
Service Door & Emergency Door/Exits:
  1. Jack Knife Door
  2. Emergency Door (In Rear Half)
  3. Breakable Glass at Rear with Hammer

Polyurethane (PU)

Color Scheme:

As Per Customer Preference

Rear View System:
  1. Manual Controlled
  2. Rabbit-Ear Type Mirror
Safety Features:
  1. 1 Nos. 2Kg Fire Extingushers
  2. 1 Nos. 2Kg Fire Extingushers
  3. Safety Glass (At Rear) Window Rails

Seating Capacity as per Wheel Base & Type of Seats

Optional Features:
  1. Roof Luggage Carrier
  2. Side luggage Compartments
  3. Mobile Charging Sockets
  4. LED Clock
  5. Audio & Visual Reverse parking Cameras
  6. Destination Boards
  7. Air Conditioning System (Ductable / Free Flow)
  8. Fixed Glasses Windows (Tinted / Clear)
  9. Semi & Dix Seats
  10. Seat Belts
  11. Wheel Caps
  12. Rabbit Ear type Mirrors

Service Network:

We have a strong service network throughout India for customers ease and convenience. These services centers offers spare parts & expertise of trained and qualified engineers. Helpline No.: 9811740996

Material used in Our Product is of Fire Retardent Grade for The Safely Of Passengers
All Parameters and pictures are only to reference. We reserve the right for final interpretation. Accessories shown may not necessarily be part of standard equipment.

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